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Each house has a kitchen, and each kitchen needs a special “backsplash” that is a gap between the work surface and hanging cabinets. Among the key functions of the apron is protection against splashes of grease and water, exposure to high temperatures and aggressive detergents. In our company you can order high-quality installation of tiles on the backsplash of the kitchen.

Backsplash installer – service offered by Dream House Tile

You can order many different services from our specialists:

  • Tiling services for private and commercial clients;
  • Laying and repairing backsplash tile;
  • Installation of tiles in any room.

Selecting a backsplash tile installer

The process of installing ceramic tiles is quite dirty and dusty, so it is important to choose a specialist who will qualitatively and correctly install the backsplash tile.

Laying tiles only at first glance seems like a simple task that can be entrusted to a handyman on an ad. Most likely, he will be able to lay porcelain stoneware, but such an approach does not guarantee quality. But the result of the repair is what we will be inspired by and what we will put up with for many years. And therefore it is better to refuse compromises and spend at least a couple of days searching for a good master. The Dream House Tile specialists are distinguished by excellent quality of installation and a further guarantee for their work. Our professional tile installers in Toronto pay special attention to checking the evenness of the laying. Workers must evaluate the quality of laying, as well as on seams and corners.

Advantages of choosing our tile installer service in GTA

An apron is a must in the kitchen. After all, it allows you to protect the walls from dirt and excess splashes. Various materials can be used to make an apron, but most often the choice of consumers falls on ceramic tiles. Why?

Installation of a kitchen apron made of tiles by a company:

  • Practicality. After the lapse of time, it will not lose its aesthetics, will last a long time, thanks to its resistance to temperature changes and humidity levels;
  • High quality. All our specialists are highly qualified and can perform work on the dismantling, installation and repair of tiles of any complexity;
  • Profitability for the price. Despite the fact that tiles today are not cheap, they last longer than other more affordable materials. So you save a lot by making high-quality repairs for a long time;
  • Ease of maintenance. The aprons installed by our experts are very easy to operate, so you do not have to spend a lot of time cleaning and trimming the panel.

Despite the huge variety of finishing materials offered by modern manufacturers, the use of ceramic tiles is still the most popular design option for a kitchen apron. Due to the ease of backsplash tile installation, you can do it yourself, and a wide variety of design solutions will make it possible to choose an option taking into account the size, features and style of the room. Choose the Dream House Tile professionals of the company you can trust!

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Tile installation services Toronto and GTA
Tile installation services Toronto and GTA
Tile installation services Toronto and GTA