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Tile installation services Toronto and GTA

Feature wall tile installation Toronto

Do you need to feature wall tile your bathroom or kitchen wall? We will be happy to help you in this easy task for us! Our prices will pleasantly surprise the most fastidious and thrifty client, because laying wall tiles is what we do quickly, inexpensively and at the highest professional level!

When starting repairs, it is important not only to choose the design, format and type of porcelain stoneware surface, but also to know about the features of working with it. The impeccability of a porcelain stoneware floor or wall covering is not only related to the design of the feature wall tiles and their format, but, above all, to their laying. Proper wall tile installation is critical to ensure longevity and a high aesthetic result. The laying of tiles must be carried out by a professional tiler capable of guaranteeing a high quality of work.

Services offered by Dream House Tile

Feel free to contact our wall tile installation experts to order one of the services below:

  • Feature wall tile installation in private houses and apartments in Toronto.
  • Laying tiles in cafes, restaurants and other public places in GTA.
  • Possibility of laying feature wall tiles of any complexity and design.

Advantages of choosing our feature wall tile installation services

There are several advantages of the feature wall tile installations on the floor.

  • Its versatility allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors for wall and floor installation.
  • It is possible to choose a model for any interior or combine it with other materials. You can choose a classic texture and a muted shade, or choose a brighter tone, wood texture, leather, stone or imitation of other coatings.
  • The multi-format ceramics make it possible to create real paintings.
  • Various price segments – from the most budgetary to premium models – among which you can choose the most suitable option.
  • Ceramic feature wall tiles are safe for health, as they are made from natural clay. It is not prone to damage, changes in its properties due to the ingress of various chemicals onto the surface.
  • Due to pressing and subsequent – sometimes double – firing, the raw material becomes solid. This gives it resistance to wear and durability, which is especially important for glazed tiles.
  • Plates are resistant to mechanical damage. An exception may be falling on the surface of heavy objects, which often leads to the formation of chips.
Tile installation services Toronto and GTA
Tile installation services Toronto and GTA
Tile installation services Toronto and GTA