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A fireplace or accent wall is a true decoration of any interior, but only on one condition: if the decoration is done correctly. The best solution for this situation is tiles. After all, it is beautiful in itself, durable, heating with it is more efficient, and caring for ceramics is quite simple. But do not rush to order the first tile you like. First, you should clarify all the important points about why you should choose a fireplace tile installation from our specialists. This step will justify the investment!

Services offered by Dream House Tile

Our specialists have vast experience in installing fireplace tiles. Therefore, be sure to contact our tile installation companies in Toronto if you need any of the services offered:

  •   Tiling services for fireplaces in private houses and apartments.
  •   Laying fireplace tiles in cafes, restaurants, and other public places.
  •   The ability to install tiles of any complexity and design.

Advantages of choosing our fireplace tile installer service

Tiling a fireplace is:

  • Tiles are the same clinker, only thinner. Therefore, she inherited most of the advantages of clinker bricks: strength, durability, environmental friendliness, and attractive “appearance”.
  • Convenient and easy tile installation in Toronto. Along with the usual elements, corner tiles are produced that are quick and easy to install. Special primer and adhesive mixtures provide reliable fixation of the tiles to the base of the fireplace.
  • Facing the fireplace with tiles preserves, and often improves, the thermal properties of the accent wall.
  • A huge range of clinker tiles: all kinds of colors, textures, and sizes, allows you to choose the cladding for any interior.
  • The tile is lighter and thinner than a full-weight brick, so it does not eat up the space of the room, does not overload the design of the fireplace.
  • The cost of decorating a fireplace with tiles is much less compared to the cost of a brick option.

Selecting a fireplace tile installer

Are you looking for a professional tile installer in Toronto?

Then pay attention to the specialists of our company. Experienced craftsmen work in the state, who carry out installation in the shortest possible time.

Also available is a huge range of quality building materials. We do not overestimate the cost of raw materials, because we cooperate directly with manufacturers. We guarantee high quality and the most competitive prices in the market.

The installation of fireplace tiles by our specialists is a great option for decorating a fireplace. The main thing is to approach the issue of choice with all responsibility and choose real professionals in their field. Then the warm fire of the hearth will warm and fill the house with comfort for a very long time. Warm and sincere evenings to you!

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Tile installation services Toronto and GTA
Tile installation services Toronto and GTA
Tile installation services Toronto and GTA