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Tile installation services Toronto and GTA

Curbless shower tile installation

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Curbless shower tiles are an ideal and versatile material for finishing bathrooms and toilets. To be sure of a quality result, we recommend inviting only professionals to lay the tiles. Our specialists have extensive experience, as well as all the necessary tools so that you enjoy the result!

Shower tile installation in a shower cabin without a threshold is one of the stages in the overhaul or redecoration of a house or apartment. For all its seeming simplicity (in the view of a layman, laying ceramic plates in even rows is not difficult), tiling is a labor-intensive, multi-stage and experience-requiring process. It is necessary to take into account: the quality of the surface, the type of shower tile, the presence of decorations, borders and other reasons. Among other things, the technological processes of work and prices vary greatly depending on the surface on which the laying is done, the floor or the walls.

Services offered by Dream House Tile

If you need one of the services listed below, be sure to contact our company.

  • Curbless shower tile installation in private houses and apartments in GTA.
  • Laying tiles in cafes, restaurants and other public places in Toronto.
  • Possibility of laying curbless shower tiles of any complexity and design.

Advantages of choosing our curbless shower tile installation service

There are some advantages of shower tile installation at the bathroom:

  • Environmental friendliness and safety. The material does not conduct current and does not burn, easily tolerates temperature extremes and high humidity.
  • Ease of cleansing. The shower area is cleaned using any detergent.
  • The ability to embody the most daring design ideas. Manufacturers of ceramics offer hundreds of shades and dozens of textures, which makes it possible to choose a finish that matches the style of the room.
  • You can equip a shower tray of any size and different shapes.
  • Affordable cost. Unlike standard designs, tiled cabins are cheaper. They can be mounted taking into account individual projects and different room sizes.
  • Finishing makes it possible to hide the flaws in the layout, leveling the surface of the walls.
Tile installation services Toronto and GTA
Tile installation services Toronto and GTA
Tile installation services Toronto and GTA