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Tiling is our passion — making people happy is our mission.

Tiling is our passion — making people happy is our mission.

Tiling is our passion — making people happy is our mission.

Dream House Tile - tile installation services in Riverside Ontario

Best price and quality guaranteed. Free estimate and design consultation.
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Are you looking for a professional tile installation service that will not only do a great job but also help make your home look gorgeous? Dream House Tile is here to help! Our company offers professional and affordable tile installation in Riverside Ontario Canada. Whether you’re trying to renovate a small fixer-upper or decorate a large mansion, you can rely on us to get the job done. Our team of experienced tile specialists is ready to bring all your home renovation projects to life, all you need to do is give us a call.

Services offered by Dream House Tile in Riverside

Our company offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Tile installation services for residential and commercial customers
  • Washroom tile installation and renovation
  • Kitchen backsplash tile installation
  • Fireplace and feature wall tiling
  • Floor and wall tile setting
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Tile installation services Toronto and GTA
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Newest tile installation in Riverside

Tile installation services

Toronto and GTA

Best price and quality guaranteed

Free estimate and design


Call us today +1 (647) 864-6715

Tile installation services Toronto and GTA
Tile Installation

Our Services in Riverside

Tile installation services Toronto and GTA

How much does it cost to install tiles in Riverside and GTA?

What are the 4 main factors that affect the price of a tile installation?

It’s a common question from the homeowners. First of all, price for the tile installation depends on the job as there too many different factors that can increase the costas well as reduce it.

Amount of pre tiling preparations

Such as uncoupling membrane installation for the floors, waterproofing for the shower and tub surround walls, shower base building - dry pack or foam base installation, floor and wall leveling, building of any custom niches or benches etc.

Size of the tiles and pattern

Different tile size, pattern and type of material may require a different amount of time and labor to install them. Generally, the easiest tile sizes to install are 12x24 and 24x24 porcelain in stacked pattern. There are also brick joint and off set patterns that became very popular nowadays. Any smaller size tiles usually require more time to install and cutting, as well as a perfectly levelled surface. Large format porcelain tiles and slabs are more expensive to install because of expensive tools that need for the job and minimum of 2-3 professionals to work on the project.

Amount of work/job size

Of course if you have a bigger project, for example 2-3 bathrooms or the whole main floor of the house, the price per sqf will be lower than for smaller projects.

Complexity of the work

Such as mitered corners, tile design - pattern and layout, working at heights etc.

cost tile installation

So, summing up the information written above, it is worth noting that every tile installation project is unique and requires a site visit for creating a proper quote. Our team will be more than happy to provide you a free estimate and design consultation anywhere in GTA.

Tile installation services Toronto and GTA
About us

Quality Tile Installation Services in Riverside ON

Selecting a tile installer

We know that choosing a professional tile installer in Riverside isn’t easy. There are dozens of companies that advertise their services but you have no way of knowing which will do a great job and leave your bathroom or kitchen looking sleek and gorgeous and which will waste your time, money, and materials and leave you feeling eager to rip out the tile they’ve installed. Fortunately, Dream House Tile is one of the best tile installation companies in Riverside and we have real results to prove this.

Advantages of choosing our tile installer service

  • Our company has been in the business for over 10 years, completing over 5,000 jobs in Riverside ON.
  • All our technicians are highly skilled and can carry out tile removal, installation, and renovation projects of any complexity.
  • Our team has all the necessary certifications, licenses, and insurance to provide services in Canada.
  • We have dozens of glowing reviews from past customers and a 5-star average on Google, so you can rest easy knowing that you will love the result of our work.
  • Our team can install any type of tile, including ceramic, porcelain, mosaic, granite, marble, glass, and slabs up to 10 feet.
  • Our specialists can also help you select a suitable design for your bathroom space and pick out high-quality tile that will suit your design ideas and budget.
  • We have a portfolio with photos of our past projects on our website, so you can see the quality of our work for yourself and even get some inspiration for your own home. You can also take a look at our Instagram account where we publish even more photos.
  • Our company offers competitive prices to keep our services affordable for as many homeowners as possible.
  • Dream House Tile works in Riverside, serving clients from Hamilton to Oshawa.

Every home renovation project requires a highly skilled and experienced team of tile installers. If you want to hire a team that will help you pick the right materials and can get the job done quickly in accordance with the highest quality standards, hire Dream House Tile. Call or email us today to discuss your project in detail and get a price estimate.

Tile installation services Toronto and GTA
Tile installation services Toronto and GTA
Tile installation services Toronto and GTA
Tile installation services Toronto and GTA
Frequently Asked Questions

Contacting the company of specialists guarantees the quality of work, which is why we recommend contacting our company to get the best result.

Yes, you can. Floor tiles are heavier and denser, so the tile adhesive must be stronger than for wall tiles. Suitable mixtures for large tiles, porcelain stoneware, clinker and stone.

It depends on the amount of work. On average it takes 1-3 days.

The glaze on the tile almost does not absorb moisture, which means that the glue does not penetrate inside – the new finishing layer hardly clings to the old one. Tile on tile does not adhere as well as on plaster, brick, or drywall.

No, you do not have to take special care of the surface after installation, the main thing is to follow the operating rules.

It is necessary to contact the manager and arrange a meeting with specialists.

You can order the installation of tiles in the bathroom, in the kitchen, on the floor of any room, in cafes, offices and much more.

Dream House Tile is a team of professional tile installers with over 15 years of experience. We serve Toronto and GTA. We are genuinely pleased to offer the most professional and consistent service in the industry to our clients. Our workers have the pride of ownership, and that pride reflects in our work and provides our clients a great experience.

We specialize in interior tile installation for residential and commercial projects in Toronto and GTA. 

Dream House Tile delivers top-notch solutions based on dozens of years spent in the tile installation field.

 • Residential & Commercial Tile Installation ✔

 • Bathroom Tile Installation ✔

 • Wall & Floor Tile Installation ✔

 • Kitchen Backsplash ✔

 • Fireplace & Feature wall ✔

Experienced with Porcelain, Ceramic, Marble, Granite, Mosaics, Glass tiles, Slabs. We are able to install any tile sizes up to 10 ft slabs.          

 Why to choose us ? 

 Excellent reputation 

 Competitive pricing

 Qualified, certified professionals

Tile installation services Toronto and GTA
Bonnie White
Read More
These guys were amazing! Very professional and on time. Even stayed until 9pm on Christmas Eve so they could finish. I absolutely love my bathroom! I have recommended them to everyone!
Amelia Rose Jordan
Read More
Our experience with this company was awesome. Andrew started our project in 3 days after the first phone call and finished the whole project in 5 days ( over 400 sqf of tiling). Can't ask for a better quality and price. Thank you very much.
Ihor S.
Read More
Excellent workmanship and customer service. I would definitely recommend to anyone who's looking for an honest, professional, reliable tile installer. 10 out of 10
Ray Farmer
Read More
Super professionals. Bathroom looks amazing, thank you very much.
Read More
Andrew did an excellent job. He worked with me to decide what exactly I needed. The final outcome was perfect and at a very fair price. I would definitely recommend working with Dream House Tile!
Jordan Benedet
Read More
Very professional, quality work, clean job site and great price. Will hire again!
Kathryn Sutton
Read More
Very happy with end result. Was able to get them in to tile in a reasonable time frame when ready. No gaps in service. Andrew was quick to respond when I contacted him. Pricing was fair for quality work.
Jason Traetto
Mason Brown
Read More
Thank you guys for a good quality work. Its even better than I imagined. Will call you soon for my next project.
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